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Formatting and Naming conventions:

1. Image Resolution

The image resolutions are changing to best match the new projector.

1920 x 1200 pixels at 100 dpi.
sRGB Color Space JPEG file format (.jpg)
Width not to exceed 1920 pixels
Height not to exceed 1200 pixels.

Members submitting images that are NOT formatted in this way will be
advised by email and will have an opportunity to reformat and resubmit
the image. If in this process you do not meet the deadline, then your
image(s) will not be included in the competition.

2. File Name

sample: Op Jones Jim Great Lakes Sunrise.jpg
Very important rules: (Use lower and upper case). No dashes, commas or slashes.     


Put the information in the following order:
 Division Code
 Last then First Name
 Name of Your Image (use spaces, correct spelling* and capital letters)
      .jpeg (the file extension)

HINT * Forgotten how to exactly spell a location? Google it!

( Division Codes
General Division
Op = open
Cr = creative
Travel and Nature Divisions
no codes )








 Examples for General:

Op Lastname Firstname Image Title.jpg. 


Cr Lastname Firstname Image Title.jpg.

Travel Singles do not require a Division code.

Travel Sequences do not require a Division code but do require a numeric suffix as follows:

Lastname Firstname Image Title 01.jpg

Lastname Firstname Image Title 02.jpg

Lastname Firstname Image Title 03.jpg

Lastname Firstname Image Title 04.jpg

Lastname Firstname Image Title 05.jpg

Lastname Firstname Image title 06.jpg

Lastname Firstname Image title 07.jpg


For additional information, see the Competition Rules at the link at the bottom of this page.



Formatting Instructions - Photoshop

Formatting Instructions - Lightroom

  Digital submissions to the General, Travel and Nature divisions should be formatted according to
  these instructions.

Competition Rules

 Competition Rules are specific to each division and can be checked at this link.

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