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General Competition Rules PDF Print

The General Division will now contain two Categories:

1. Open

2. Creative (Altered Reality)



Both competitions will be held in the same meeting. You can submit up to TWO images per Category for a total of up to FOUR images in the meeting. One 13 will be selected by the judge for EACH category, so two 13s will be awarded that night. Cumulative End-Of-Year awards will be made in BOTH categories.


The Open Category. There are no limitations on subject matter or
techniques used for image capture or post processing. The images can
be color or monochrome. Evaluation will be based primarily on pictorial
content with the only restriction being that subject matter should not be
offensive to the average adult audience.

The Creative (Altered Reality) Category. Of course we want you
to be creative in all aspects of your photography. Including “Altered
Reality” in the category title is meant to convey the spirit of the PSA
definition as follows:

The PSA definition of Creative is “Altered Reality.” The image
must obviously display a change in natural color, form, shape, or
any combination of these three. Creative images are often montages
(a blending or composite of multiple images). High Dynamic Range
(HDR) images without further changes are NOT considered “altered
reality.” The original image must be made by the entrant on photographic
emulsion or captured digitally. All images must be original and may not
incorporate elements produced by anyone else. Original images must
be altered by the maker; artwork or computer graphics generated by
the entrant may be incorporated, if the original photographic content
predominates. Images may not be constructed entirely within a computer.
It is necessary that the image’s core content be identifiable. Noncreative
images are not eligible for this competition. Any subject matter
is acceptable as long as the Altered Reality guidelines are followed. The
use of third party images such as clip art are not allowed.

You must decide which Category is appropriate for each of your
images. Please realize that the Division Director can disqualify an
image if it is obvious that it does not meet the criteria of the category,
such as a portrait in the Creative (Altered Reality) Category. Even if the
Director allows the image, it may be a close call, and the judge can also
disqualify an image.

View Formatting and Naming conventions here.



Prior to introducing the judge for the competition, the Director or Assistant Director will read the Category Definitions to reinforce them for the general membership and to introduce them to the new members and visitors.

The judge will be apprised of our scoring system from 8 -12 and will be urged to use the competition as a constructive learning experience for the participants to become better photographers.


Image titles will be read during the competitions in both Categories, specifically when the image is projected and just before the judge comments on the image, but not during the first quick run through of all the images at the beginning of the competition.

Please give your titles considerable thought, as they can affect the judge's scoring. You take a photograph to visually communicate something of interest to those looking at your image. Therefore, your title should clarify and reinforce that communication.



Images that receive a 12 or 13 cannot be re-entered during the rest of the year in the General Division. Images receiving 12's or 13's may not be submitted in Travel or Nature for the rest of the year as well.


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