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Field Trips

Sierra Camera Club Events

This Meetup Group is for Sierra Camera Club members only. Any member of the club can use this meetup group to schedule a field trip. Simply visit the link below and create an event or RSVP for an event already on the calendar. You'll soon be out shooting with other photo enthusiasts. https://www.meetup.com/Sierra-Camera-Club/


Exploring Photography Meetup Events

This Meetup Group is for all photo enthusiasts. Events are scheduled by one of the organizers of the Meetup group. Sierra Camera Club members do NOT need to be members of Meetup to attend an Exploring Photography event.

If you are a Sierra Camera Club member but not yet a member of Meetup simply contact one of the organizers for Exploring Photography to secure your spot in an event.You can view details of upcoming events by clicking here: http://www.meetup.com/exploringphotography/



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