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Formatting Photos for Competition - Lightroom PDF Print

Formatting Instructions - Lightroom

1) In Lightroom 4, select all the photos you want sized for submission to the competition. You will use shift-click or control-click if you want to select multiple images.
Note: these steps are almost the same for Lightroom 3.

2) Click on 'Export' in the lower left of the Lightroom screen.

3) In the Export window, in 'Export Location', choose 'same folder as original photo', but below that, click on 'Put in Subfolder' and name it something like 'Camera Club' or 'e-mail size' (both would be the same size). Leave File Naming blank for now.

4) In the File Settings, set Image Format to JPEG, quality to anything above 75, color space to sRGB.

Then, in the Image Sizing, click 'Resize to Fit Width & Height' and put in W: 1920, H: 1200 pixels, Resolution 100 pixels per inch.

If you haven't sharpened the images, click on Sharpen for Screen, Amount Standard.

[To save this setup for future use so you don't have to re-enter all the information, click on "Add" in the lower left corner of the Export box. In the pop-up 'New Preset' box, put in the Preset Name 'Camera Club sizing'. Leave the Folder set at 'User Presets'. Then click 'Create'.]

5) Click on the 'Export' button on the bottom of the Export box.

Watch the line in the upper left of the Lightroom panel to see the progress of the export work being done. When it's done, go to the folder you specified (Camera Club?) and rename each file for submission. The .jpg file label should be last name first name and title of the image. For example, if your name is "Joe Johnson" and your image is titled "Bull Moose" you would name the file: Johnson Joe Bull Moose.jpg. Don't be afraid to use spaces. 

When submitting images for a Travel sequence, each image should be labeled with: photographer's Last Name First Name the title of the image and the order number (01, 02, 03, 04, 05 06, 07), jpg.  Example: Smith John Sunrise Tahoe 01.jpg  

6) E-mail the entries to the people running the competition division you are entering.

Note that the settings we made above in Lightroom will stay in the Export folder until you change them, so you won't have to redo them unless you want to export a different kind of image, like for a large print. So, you could just select more images to export, click Export, and, in the Export box, click Export at the very bottom, skipping all the intermediate steps.
If you have changed the settings, you can retrieve them by clicking on 'User Presets' in the Presets box on the left side of the Export box. Then click on 'Camera Club sizing' (if you followed the directions above to set up this preset). All of the settings you put in before will be restored.


Please do not add extra black (or other color) pixels to fill the frame to 1920x1200 as depicted in the example below. This is not required since the projector background already defaults to solid black. Doing so, requires the Gammagram editor to crop your images before using them and thus should be avoided.





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