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Because competition is considered a valuable tool for members to improve their skills, division Directors typically call for several meetings each year to include competition among members. Scores are accumulated during the competition year so year-end winners can be recognized.

Evaluation will consist of a discussion of each entry explaining the strong points of the image and what might have been done to make the image stronger. When evaluation is for competition the comments should end with the assigning of a numerical score.
Evaluators are typically accomplished photographers, from outside the Club membership. In the monthly competitions, evaluators will assign a score of eight to twelve points to each entry after they have discussed the strengths and weaknesses of the entry. A score of twelve points will be considered an “Honor.”

After all entries in a Division are evaluated, the evaluator is asked to pick a favorite from among the entries receiving Honors. An “Image of the Month” should be selected from each Division: General, Nature, Travel, Travel Sequence and Print.

For instructions on how to format photos for submission to our competitions please refer to the Submitting Photos Section of the website.


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